Thank you so much for your interest in AFP-GPC’s new Blog! We’ll be adding content over the next few months and will share as posts are published. We hope our blog, which will feature articles and best practices from our members and sponsors, will serve as a resource for you as a fundraising professional. Check back soon!

Using RFM Analytics in your Organization

Do you ‘know’ your donors?  Are you able to confidently state that you are not asking a $5 donor for $500 or a $500 donor for $5 when you send your appeals?

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Request for Proposals for AFP-GPC 2021 Calendar of Educational Sessions

The time has come! For all of you who have asked how to share your expertise and experience with our members, we're pleased to announce that our request for proposals for our 2021 Calendar of Educational Sessions is now open.

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Ethics in Action

Just to review … most ethical dilemmas focus on one, or more, of the following:   Tainted Money, Compensation, Privacy, Appearance of Impropriety, Stewardship, Honesty, and Transparency or Conflicts of Interest. 

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National Philanthropy Day: A celebration of philanthropy throughout the Covid-19 pandemic

The fundraisers and philanthropists in the Greater Philadelphia region hold November’s National Philanthropy Day in a prominent place on their calendar.

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AFP-GPC Survey Results: Part 3

This is the third and final in a series of posts about the recent AFP-GPC survey. This post will focus on the questions we asked about diversity, inclusion, and racism/inequity in the workplace. 

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