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Request for Proposals for AFP-GPC 2021 Calendar of Educational Sessions

The time has come! For all of you who have asked how to share your expertise and experience with our members, we're pleased to announce that our request for proposals for our 2021 Calendar of Educational Sessions is now open.

Whether you're a seasoned presenter, or a newbie just getting your feet yet, we want to hear from you. Expertise exists within all of us, and our membership is especially interested in hearing from folks with boots on the ground experience in the topics they present on. Regardless of your title or position, if you have something important to share, then you should submit a proposal!

Understandably, our membership wants to hear about topics that are relevant right now: successful virtual events, donor and board engagement during a pandemic, crisis communication, and diversity, equity, and inclusion. Non-fundraisers with expertise in those areas are welcome to apply.

Before applying, please read the following guidelines and requirements for AFP-GPC Educational Sessions. Please complete the online RFP Form or email [email protected] to receive a copy of the form and guidelines.

Due to the changing needs of professional development during COVID for the nonprofit sector, all presentations for the first quarter of 2021 will be virtual. Decisions to return to in-person training will be made as the landscape changes. With this in mind, submissions for 2021 will be reviewed on a quarterly basis.

Deadlines are as follows:
December 11, 2020 for 2021 Q1 and Q2 presentations
March 3, 2021 for 2021 Q3 presentations
June 9, 2021 for 2021 Q4 presentations
September 8, 2021 for 2022 Q1 presentations

RFP Form

Priority topics for AFP-GPC in 2021 are:
- Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
- Board Engagement in changing times
- Donor Engagement in changing times
- Leadership and Management 
- Special Events: Virtual vs. In-person events
- Ethics
- Crisis Communication

RFP Form

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