Master Class Web Series

AFP-GPC's Master Class Web Series

We are proud to offer all our master classes on demand for $15.00 each. The topics and short description of each class are listed below. To purchase a class, click the “Add to Cart” icon next to the session of your choice. Each class is eligible for 1 CFRE credit. If you need a CFRE form, please contact [email protected]

Fundraising for Arts & Culture through COVID 19

Want your nonprofit to emerge intact and resilient from the pandemic? Valerie M. Jones, CFRE, will share pragmatic, up-to-date and easy to implement strategies. These strategies have been developed through 50+ in-depth interviews with nonprofit leaders from early March to the present. Jones will walk you through her three-pronged approach.


Back to Basics: Which Prospects Should Have my Attention

With so much uncertainty in the world, in this mini session we are going to go back to basics. We will look at fundraising’s three Cs—capacity, connection, commitment—and discuss why the interconnectivity of these three Cs are so important.  We will explore simple ways to mine data from your database to help you identify those donors who should have your attention now.  We’ll also look at the four Cs of donor communication—clear, compelling, consistent, and competence—and how they play into fundraising’s three Cs when talking to your donors.


Making the Most of the CARES Act for Your Nonprofit

Along with every other facet of our society, the Covid-19 pandemic has had devastating impact within the nonprofit sector.  In a rare move of mostly bipartisan cooperation, the Federal Government has successfully passed the CARES Act which has extraordinary benefits for our entire country including the nonprofit sector.  It is incumbent upon nonprofit leaders to be swift and thoughtful in response to the opportunities the CARES Act provides.  This webinar will provide an overview of these potential opportunities and key strategies to be employed to maximize the benefit for your nonprofit, particularly in attracting new philanthropic support from your donors.


Recovery Planning

You’ve no doubt been bombarded with webinar after webinar focused on the COVID-19 crisis, its implications for your organization, and a plethora of strategies for making the best of this disheartening – and often devastating – situation. This webinar, however, focuses on preparing for the post-pandemic period which, unfortunately, will result in a recession. Specifically, we will focus on things you should be thinking about and doing right now to prepare for a successful recovery during what will most assuredly be difficult economic times.


Reflecting on 60 Days In & Planning for 90 Days Out

As we all continue to navigate through the COVID-19 pandemic, nonprofit leaders are turning their focus from implementing an initial emergency response to creating tactical and adaptive plans. Join CCS Fundraising for a session that will reflect on the current landscape after 60 days and prepare for the next 90 days by creating strategic short term action plans to define opportunities and devise solutions amidst today's challenges and uncertainties.


So NOW What? Video and Social Media During

Your work may be interrupted, but your mission continues. For many of you, that mission is more important now than ever. You have stories to tell, appeals to make, donors to thank. You know you need to stay connected. You also know that on social media, video content gets the most attention. So how do you make the best use of video—good video—at this time?

In this presentation, Rich Tolsma and members of his team will present ideas for some of the ways you can reach out and meet your communication objectives—all while looking great and staying within your budget.


How to Find the Best Donors for your Organization

Historically, prospect research and fundraising had an overarching focus on wealth. However, in this evolving nonprofit world where charitable donations are stagnant and the number of individual donors is decreasing, wealth data alone is no longer enough. By including affinity and capacity along with wealth data into your research and fundraising, nonprofits are better able to uncover the best donors who are most likely to contribute major gifts to their organization. Join iWave as they explore what makes a donor ‘the best’ and how it can help you raise more major gifts.


How to Pivot Messaging during Difficult Times

Since the COVID-19 pandemic has upended daily life and the nonprofit world with it, there is no such thing as business as usual. There is also no such thing as communicating as usual. The messages that drove your fundraising before the crisis are likely to sound out-of-touch now or tone deaf, while messaging that’s topical but not carefully crafted can seem opportunistic. In this webinar, three Schultz & Williams team members with varied perspectives will discuss approaches that work, drawing on years of experience in strategic messaging and on projects completed in recent weeks with clients navigating the crisis.


Career Growth and Transition During a Pandemic

In this current environment of uncertainly, it is more important than ever to be prepared to present your skills and experience to potential employers. Although the current job market is daunting, there will be unique opportunities, especially for nonprofits, that are addressing critical needs during this difficult time. In this session we will talk about how to best present your skills, experience and qualifications as you continue to develop your career in the nonprofit sector.



Shifting to Virtual Events in the headwinds of the COVID-19 Landscape

Join Blackbaud the technology leader for social good for a 1 hour lunch and learn presentation on how to successfully move fundraising events to successful virtual fundraising events. Blackbaud will provide case studies and examples of how other organizations have adapted in the face of Covid-19. Sharing best practices for preparing for a virtual event, what to consider and how to successfully setup and message for a successful virtual event.